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History of the year 2018

You are welcome in our restaurant from Tuesday till Sunday for lunch and dinner. From the year 2018, we have chosen a different arrangement for our menu card. We have opted for a less traditional style (‘appetizer, main, dessert’) menu, but rather a choice of different delicious standalone dishes. On one hand, we wanted to emphasize the regional products which are exclusively available in this area. And on the other hand, we also decided on a worldlier approach regarding flavours and accents from nearby and far away for the menu. Consequently we created a perfect fit to represent the history of the Zaanstreek, where locally built ships from all over the world brought in products and processed them here.

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terrace zaan
terrace zaan

D’Swarte Walvis is a cluster of three historic premises which include our restaurant, bar and brasserie. There is also a number of rooms available which can be rented for business as well as private meetings. With two big terraces, D’Swarte Walvis also offers a pleasant stay outside if the weather allows it. Furthermore, the terraces offer exactly what the millions of tourists come for when they visit the Zaanse Schans: an outlook on the world-famous windmill panorama. We also have a landing stage at your disposal.

There are not many (restaurant) bars as authentic and tasteful as the one at D’Swarte Walvis. With its scenic panorama view on the windmills and the historic shores of the Zaan, which can be looked at from three directions, this is without a doubt a unique place. Blissfully wind down with an appetizer or enjoy a group dinner in this social and informal atmosphere. We pour special beers from Brouwerij Hoop and Breugem located in Zaandijk and offer a large assortment of food and cocktails.

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Our restaurant

Premises and stories

On August 8th 1965 the Zaanse Molen association celebrated its 40 years of existence. On that day the first meal ever was enjoyed at what later would become restaurant D’Swarte Walvis. Mrs Bosman, one of the founders of the Zaanse mustard and one of the first people to live on the Zaanse Schans, organised this dinner with sandwiches from bakery Doba and soup provided by Honig. This is where the story of our beautiful restaurant begins…

The three premises in which the D’Swarte Walvis was established, tell a tale about the rich history of the Zaanstreek. The kitchen is a part of the traditional ‘Koopmanshuis’ (merchants house). The restaurant, brasserie, the ‘Regentenkamer’ (the regents room) and the upstairs room can be found in a former orphanage. In a replica of the ‘Vleethuis’ (warehouse for whale fishers) and ‘Commandeurskamer’ (commanders room) we have constructed the bar.

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