Welcome at restaurant D’Swarte Walvis! We’re well known both at home and abroad for over 50 years already. Anyone who visits de Zaanse Schans or participates in a boat tour on the Zaan, knows restaurant D’Swarte Walvis. Located amidst the Zaanse Schans in a monumental premise, it offers great opportunity for an enjoyable experience. All of this at just a 15 minute drive from the centre of Amsterdam.

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De Zaanse Schans

At only fifteen minutes from the centre of Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful and most historic areas of the Netherlands is located: De Zaanse Schans. This most iconic attraction is visited by everyone from locals to foreign tourists. De Zaanse Schans is a monumental area situated in a typically Dutch countryside along the river Zaan. 

This unique area in the Netherlands is an extraordinary part of the world heritage site. And amidst this special place, our restaurant is located!

Our restaurant

History of the year 2018

You are welcome in our restaurant from Tuesday till Sunday for lunch and dinner. From the year 2018, we have chosen a different arrangement for our menu card. We have opted for a less traditional style menu (‘appetizer, main, dessert’), but rather a choice of different delicious standalone dishes. On one hand, we wanted to emphasize on the regional products which are exclusively available in this area. And on the other hand, we also decided on a worldlier approach regarding flavours and accents from nearby and far away for the menu. Consequently we created a perfect fit to represent the history of the Zaanstreek, where locally built ships from all over the world brought in products and processed them here.

Dishes dinner
Dishes dinner
Dishes dinner

On August 8th 1965, the "Zaanse Molen" association existed for 40 years already. On that celebratory day, the first meal ever was enjoyed at what later would become restaurant D’Swarte Walvis. Mrs Bosman, one of the founders of the Zaanse mustard and one of the first people to live on the Zaanse Schans, organised this dinner with sandwiches from bakery Doba and soup provided by Honig. This is where the story of our beautiful restaurant begins…

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